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Panel 1: There are countless threads on the various HL2 forums about what is in G-Man's briefcase, which he always carries. G-Man's thought in Panel 1 is based on part of his speech to the player at the beginning of the game, which reads "...All the effort in the world would have gone to waste until... well, let's just say your hour has come again."

Panel 2: Dialogue based on G-Man's speech to the player at the very end of the game.

Panel 3: An Archvile is a monster from the Doom series of games.

Originally, G-Man was supposed to run around a corner and dive through a window, but there weren't any breakable windows on this level. I actually prefer him shimmying up a light pole anyway.

Posing notes: Like I said earlier, noclipping lets you pass through walls and, in effect, fly around the map, even off the ground and through the air. However, trying to pose a ragdoll when you're noclipping can be a little tough. Tapping the 'W' key while you're on the ground moves you a step forward, but doing the same thing while noclipping will zoom you a bit further, so it's hard to make small adjustments. To pose G-Man up on the light pole, I spawned a prop, I think it was a Dumpster, with a large flat surface. I locked the Dumpster in mid-air next to the light pole at the level I wanted G-Man at, then I noclipped and flew up to the Dumpster, turned noclipping off, and stood on the levitated Dumpster. That way, I could walk around normally and easily make small adjustments to G-Man. Then I jumped down to the ground and removed the Dumpster prop.

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