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Okay. Posing Frohman in that damn car was a pain in the arse. The car is not like other objects, it's a vehicle you can actually drive, and while the G-Mod physics tool can move it around, it can't lock it into place. That meant posing Frohman seated in mid-air, then shoving the car into place around him, which was tricky.

First off, if Frohman's butt wasn't exactly on the seat, I couldn't just lift the car up and lock it, I had to completely re-pose Frohman a couple inches lower (or statue him, unlock him, and move him -- either way, a pain).

The other problem with trying to move the car into the right position is that when you rotate objects in G-Mod, you use the 'E' key -- the same key you use to get into vehicles in HL2. So, I'd be up nice and close, trying to rotate the car .003 degrees to the left and whoops -- suddenly, I'm in the car. With Frohman.

Thing about that is, for whatever reason, when I was in the car, occupying the same space as the Frohman ragdoll, I couldn't just exit the car by hitting 'E' again. I'd have to drive up a couple feet to be able to get out, meaning I'd have to start posing the car all over again.

Anyway. Kind of a pain, and he still isn't exactly in the seat, and one of his feet is completely sticking through the floor of the car, and his hands were nowhere near the wheel, really. Now, at least I get to look forward to sticking him on that damn bike all the time. Hooray!

So, the cars in the last panel are part of a mod called 'VMod', which has a bunch of neat vehicles in it: a police car, the General Lee, a couple Warthogs, APCs, even one of those giant metal two-legged Mechs -- and they're all driveable! Neat stuff.

I found Vmod on the Garry's Mod Forums -- here's the link to the post. I tried a ton of the download links before I got one that worked, but I believe the working link was on the last page of that thread.

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