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Heh heh. This is why I said I'm impressed that Chris can keep down to six panels. I can get to the Big Laff but it takes several months.

A few things I want to mention here: the font I used for "oh crap" is itself called Oh Crap; the "aaaaaa" is from one of my favorite Jay Pinkerton bits, which I also used elsewhere (look, I have a rare opportunity to plug me and mine here, and I'm not gonna waste it); Chris assures me it's obvious that the second guy teleports himself back to the building in the second-to-last panel, but I mention it here just in case we're both wrong; and I had fun with the tire swing for these comics, it was like it was my third actor.

Well, that's it...thanks for your patience and thanks to Chris for liking them enough to run them. For my part, though, I'm glad to be getting back to Concerned comics that I haven't read yet.

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