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Just for the record, I wrote and posed this comic last week, before our Vice President wounded an old man by shooting him in the face. Just a coincidence.

The M249 SAW is awesome, by the way. If you haven't downloaded a recent version of Garry's Mod, you can now spawn working CS weapons, including the M249. It's fun to mow down packs of Combine soldiers with a real machine gun, I have to say. I don't technically know it's the most powerful weapon in the game, but it holds 100 rounds and gets rid of them in quite a hurry. Of course, I could be armed with one in each hand, blasting away, and some guy with a Glock 18C could pwn me with a single shot. I don't know how people are so good at that game, I really don't.

Also, I'm linked from the Counter-Strike Culture wiki, which is kinda cool. In fact, despite my repetitive CS community bashing, the people who seem to enjoy my CS comics the most are card-carrying, LOLing, WTGing, AWP-whoring CS community members. Just goes to show you.

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