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Ugh. Little problem with G-Mod and/or Steam freezing and crashing on me while I was making this comic. Most of the panels you see up there have been posed twice from scratch, because my computer kept freezing up when I pushed the 'take screenshot' button. So, I'd have to manually shut-down and reboot, and when I did the picture hadn't even made it into the folder, which meant starting over. Frustrating! There's nothing worse than having to pose the same scene twice. Well, maybe genocide. But posing the same scene twice is pretty lame, too.

I shot panel five last, and once again, the computer froze up. Out of sheer desperation, I ran and grabbed my digital camera, thinking, hey, maybe I can take a picture of the screen and it'll look good enough to use and I won't have to reboot and start up G-Mod and repose the damn ragdolls again.

Of course, just as I took the picture the window popped up informing me, helpfully, that Steam was no longer responding. Not that I could have used the picture anyway; it's way too dark, the huge flash obscures half of it, plus the screen is smeared with kitty footprints because one of our cats like to attack the mouse pointer. Ah well, I was grasping at straws by that point.

Anyway. Guess I'll try reinstalling Steam/HL2/G-Mod this weekend, maybe try to free up some memory, and see if that fixes the problem.

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