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Doors in CS and HL2 only stay open for a few moments, so if you need one to stay open indefinitely while you pose a ragdoll in the doorway, you can 'weld' the door open. Just open the door, and use the weld tool to stick the door open against the nearest wall. Took me a while to figure that out. Otherwise, the door will keep closing on your ragdoll, creating a lot of flailing limbs.

Before I'd come up with that solution, I was thinking I could pose the Frohman elsewhere, statue him, then open the door, shove the statued Frohman into place, and take the picture, all before the door closed on him. Here's my first test of that method. Yeah. Not so good.

I mention this because in Panel 3, you can actually see the statued Frohman lying on the ground through the doorway. Not that anyone would recognize it unless I pointed it out or anything. It's just that when I get frustrated in G-Mod, I tend to start flinging things around, and sometimes they wind up in a shot later.

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