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While I was posing the three combine ragdolls for this comic, I was worried the electric field would be hard to see against the fog. I thought maybe I should duplicate one of the dormant train cars parked further down the bridge and paste it in the background so the field would read a little better. So, off I went down the tracks, of course crossing the trigger that sends the quite mobile razor train heading across the bridge.

I thought, "Oh crap. Are my ragdolls on the tracks? They could get totally mashed up and I'll have to repose them." Jussssst missed. Of course, HL2 did crash shortly after and I had to repose them anyway.

It's hard to capture just how amazing this bridge is in my lame little 300px high panels, so here's a few other shots I took (1 2 3). It's a really neat, atmospheric part of the game, and the sound design (which doesn't come across at all in the comic for obvious reasons) is spectacular.

Created with Half-Life 2 by Valve Software, using Garry's Mod.
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