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For once, I got a jump on this week's comics: I did all the posing for this comic on Sunday night (hence the lack of notes for Monday's comic) instead of putting it together 10 minutes before it was due, like usual. This turned out to be good timing, because the Steam update that came out the other day played havoc with Garry's Mod. As of tonight, none of the G-Mod tools (except for the physics gun) are currently working, including the face poser (so maybe my timing wasn't so great after all -- when he was dressed as a Combine I didn't need the face poser).

This is inconvenient, sure, but I'm not really worried. There have been Steam updates in the past that messed up G-Mod to some degree, but they're always fixed before too long, either by Valve or Garry. I'm pretty sure I can get Friday's comic done despite the lack of tools, but if you don't see any close-ups of Frohman's face, you'll know why.

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