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Frohman's expression is a callback (a callwayback, really), to the first chapter where we learn he's not exactly photogenic.

Speaking of ancient history, my younger readers might be interested to know that cameras used to use this stuff called "film" which came in "rolls" that could capture a fixed number of images. Often after a trip, we old farts would "finish up" a roll by taking pictures of whatever was nearby (pets, ourselves, dinosaurs), and then -- get this -- we'd have to physically bring the "film" to a place that would develop the pictures. We'd then come back to pick them up -- sometimes not until the following day! It was a sad, wasteful age.

I'm happy the Steam/G-Mod issue was fixed quickly, by Valve, so I could continue to bring you cheap jokes featuring toilets. I wasn't really worried that the problem wouldn't get fixed, but when this happens I do sort of realize how completely dependent I am on both Valve and Garry's Mod to do my comic. It really doesn't take much to put GMod comics at a stand-still, just a little error in an update and poof, we're all out of business.

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