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I'll be posting some of the results of the reader survey in the Extras section later today. Almost 10,000 readers took a moment to participate (or maybe one reader took part 10,000 times).

I check the Garry's Mod website every day, waiting for the next version to be released. Recently, Garry mentioned he was stuffing screenshots of the development process into a folder on his site on a near-daily basis, so I find it fun to look at the images and see how things are coming along. The folder in question can be found here.

Of course, I have no idea what is going on in about 95% of those screenshots. Glowing watermelons, clouds of smoke, something that looks like a RTS Garry's Mod game... it's all a mystery. But still, they're fun to look at. So, I thought I'd put up my own folder of random screenshots.

It's located here. Most of the stuff is shots from comics I never made, or alternate angles from comics I did make, or shots I used after cropping some junk out of the shot. Or, shots I just liked or from moments when I just hit the screenshot button for whatever reason. Some of it, I'm not really even sure what it is. But you can poke around in it if you're bored, and I'll try to dump some more stuff in there from time to time.

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