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Despite my week here having been subjected to floccinaucinihilipilification, I've had fun doing it. (Ha, fit it in right off the bat!) I really want to thank Chris for this opportunity, and you all for putting up with me. It was a really fun exercise for me, as I had never really done a comic before, and it was interesting to try it out. I learned a lot, and I do appreciate all the feedback. I had finished all three before Chris left last week, and I didn't really change them as the week went on. So I'll take all the advice and use some of it next time.

First off, I left this open-ended for two reasons. I wanted to leave the idea available for a later fill-in, or even if Chris wants to take it. The second reason, and the larger one, I overwrote. I had this outline that when I tried to storyboard it out, came out to another week's worth of stuff. And not all of it really worked out as far as looking good or fitting into the story well, so off it went.

For the fiance, I wanted it to be a non-HL character, and after poking around at facepunch, I decided to just stick with grabbing from another game. Problem is, I play Horde characters, and while an Undead or Troll would be kinda funny, I kept it simple. So if anyone is on the Lightbringer server, say hi to my brother's rogue, Carloota. I don't think he knows I borrowed her, so it'll be a good surprise for him.

Now, down to business. Screwing around with the ads. I got almost 300 posts, with over 1100 words suggested. Monkeys, of course, were the most common, but I'm leaving them out because I want something different. Unique. Exciting. Something really embarrassing for Chris while provising amusement to me. "floccinaucinihilipilification" was one submission, and a challenge was thrown down to fit it in. So, Whitt, in yo face Space Coyote.

(Below this point will be senseless rambling. You won't miss anything if you just stop reading here)

Instead of just listing them, I'm going to try and make some into a paragraph. Now I'm sure that the hoi polloi will not really appreciate this attempt. I have gotten praise, criticism, and a threat to be assaulted with exploding clowns. One person even wanted to defenestrate me.

Aw the hell with this, I'm too tired and late posting the comic, so I'm just gonna list some of my favorites. First, though, honorable mention goes to someone named David, who submitted "Jewish Koalas sell poker insurance." I keep laughing at that for no good reason. Thanks! "Quadratic pencil" gave me algebra flashbacks, so I wish some kind of painful itchy rash on whoever sent that. Zompist sent "toy boat", which is my favorite tongue twister. He gets to live. Speaking of boats, there is no Magical Hovercraft picture today. I had an idea for one, but was distracted by whoever it was that submitted "nipple reduction". "Death, Famine, Pestilence, War and Clancy (his daughter)" was also appreciated, as was "structural penetration" which I believe is still an illegal act in Georgia.

There was also the guy who spammed me with thirty entries for "yiff". I hate you. I also think I hate whoever submitted "fanny batter" but I need clarification from someone in Great Britain to be sure.

There were also a lot of entries for buccaneers, practitioners of the art of ninjitsu, and the guy who played Walker, Texas Ranger. You people need to stop, or be stopped. Once the army is done in Iraq, I want them sent after you all.

And the word to get spammed in here was chosen at random from a bunch of single-word submissions. The word? Acrobatics. Acrobatics. Acrobatics. Acrobatics. Acrobatics. Acrobatics. Acrobatics. Acrobatics. Acrobatics. Acrobatics. Acrobatics. Acrobatics. Acrobatics. Acrobatics.

Let's see how this all ends up.

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