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This week over at Scribs, Greg is running some comics I did during his contest. He drew the scribs, I wrote the lines. So, with a me-written Scribs every day this week, plus three Concerned comix, you're getting eight comics out of me this week. As Tyres would say: You lucky people.

The crowd of cops in the last panel are live spawns, which, with the AI disabled, stare straight ahead. Turn on their AI and, as long as they don't have enemies nearby, they sort of look around a little. So, it was just a matter of waiting for one to look in Frohman's direction and one to look sort of in the body's direction, and then quickly clicking the AI off again so they freeze. I was hiding inside the trainstation, watching through the static camera so they wouldn't consider me an enemy, which as it turns out was not necessary. If you spawn a live cop in the plaza, he won't shoot you, he'll just shove you (or wonk you if he's got a stunstick) -- because that's what their AI has them do at this point in the game.

Edward Jr. is a spawn, too, and again, it's just a matter of shutting off his brain when he's in mid-maul. Then, carefully placing the CP ragdoll onto one of his spikes. Very carefully, because if you tap an antlion with the physics beam, they go sliding away and are a pain to get back into place. Man. The things I'll do to avoid posing.

Um, what else. To get the little bugbait stinkspores in the air, I just chucked a pheropod at the ragdoll a couple times and took pictures, but not many of the odordots (look, I don't know what they're actually called) showed up in the screenshots, so I just airbrushed in some dots, blurred them a bit, and lowered the opacity. Here's the original shot. Truly, I am gifted in the ways of the Shopping of Photos.

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