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I don't really know why G-Man would be embarrassed to admit he'd been shot in the briefcase. I really don't. I don't know why he'd go to a doctor for it, either. But he's a mysterious guy, and these are not things for us mortals to question.

I quit smoking this past Sunday, and so my chemical make-up is not as it's been for the past 15 or so years, namely, filled with nicotine. I think I'm doing pretty well going cold turkey -- not great, but pretty well. Stress, depression, determination, anxiety, elation, sleepiness... they all flicker in and out at odd times and without warning or reason. It'd be interesting if it weren't so damn annoying and uncomfortable (I was a bit over a pack-a-day smoker).

Anyway. When you quit, you're supposed to tell people around you that you've quit. I guess it makes it harder to cave in and start smoking again if other people know you're trying to quit. So, I thought I'd tell about 15,000 of you.

No comic on Monday -- it's an American holiday (weekend). Seeya Wednesday. I'm off to go pretend gum is somehow satisfying!

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