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A couple things slowed this comic down. First, I wanted to use the real, in-game razor train, which only comes down the track once, so I had to reload the map for each shot that shows the train (four). I can't stop the train once it's triggered, which means it did actually hit Frohman during the set-up for the second panel.

I was a little curious as to what would happen when the train hits a posed ragdoll, and you can see it here, here, and here. (Or, if you don't want to look, the ragdoll passes right through the train with some thumping and wiggling of limbs.)

Secondly, the last Steam update messed up all the G-Mod tools, and I didn't download the temporary fix someone created, because I read it didn't fix the face poser, which was the main tool I needed. So, this comic took a while longer than normal.

Still, a temporary fix that corrects at least some of the tool problems is promising, and I'm sure we'll have a complete fix very soon (hopefully by Monday, or there may not be a comic).

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