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Funny. An entire year of making comics about a game, and only now, one hundred and forty-six comics into it, is the game actually beginning. Gordon Frohman -- er, Freeman -- is finally, finally, in da hizzouse.

So. As you may have noticed by now, the Nova Prospekt Chapter was only a single comic long, and the Entanglement Chapter, as a by-product of this, is non-existent. In the game, Entanglement springs forth from Nova Prospekt, and is largely a two-person adventure: Freeman and Alyx storm the prison to rescue Eli Vance. Well, I've got no Alyx, and Eli hasn't been captured yet, so I didn't have a great many options.

I did, however, write some Entanglement comics, and I may -- MAY -- get to them once the Concerned series has been completed. For now, I'm considering it the "Lost Chapter" of Concerned. It felt a bit anticlimactic showing Frohman making his way back to City 17, but a big part of the chapter, which I call "Befuddlement", has Frohman flashing back to his days in the original Black Mesa, in the original Half-Life, and details his involvement with the events in the first game.

I may -- again, MAY -- get to this once Concerned has run its course.


Anyway, I'm excited Freeman is on the scene. The drawback of doing this comic, since it follows a linear path and a storyline I didn't write, is that I have to sometimes wait long, long periods of time to do the comics I really want to do. And Frohman returning to the city, being overflown by a scanner that then takes Freeman's picture as he steps off the train, well, I've been wanting to do it for a really long time.

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