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NMD Change Log

3/5/05     Fixed problems with E-mail page; added some more essays.

2/1/05    Added some more essays to the essays page.  Tried to figure out why the server kept timing out.  Failed.

1/24/05    Added Archives index page and entire archives.  Yuck, what a mess.
                Added Vision of the Future and Hall of Henchmen to the Features page.  Added Features page first, so previously mentioned added items could be added to it.

1/22/05    Added FAQ, TOS, Meet the Staff, and Donate links.  Added new graphic to e-mail page.

1/20/05    Added temping essays

1/18/05    Fixed blog comments color so commenters can actually read them by adding thingies to the CSS dealie.

3/4/00 - 1/17/05    Created and frequently changed NMD