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No medical.  No dental.  No aim.

There's a special group of temporary employees out there who are long overdue for a tribute.  Like the rest of us, they don't get benefits, they don't have job security, and they have supervisors who couldn't care less about them... but unlike most of us, they generally wind up riddled with bullets or blown into tiny chunks.  Yes, I'm talking about movie henchmen.  

They are poorly trained, highly expendable, and doomed to die at the hands of smart-alecky cops, womanizing secret agents, and even their own employers.  Every Wednesday, we honor them.  All of them.  One at a time.

(Click the pictures to check out their performance reviews.  There's a new one added each week!)

Die Hard
Luca Brasi
The Godfather
Boba Fett
 The Empire Strikes Back /  Return of the Jedi
Blade Runner
Helga Brandt
You Only Live Twice




Raiders of the Lost Ark
Total Recall
Mr. Joshua
Lethal Weapon