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I got some questions about why the coffee cup was hovering in the air in front of Frohman; it relates back to Comic 007 & 008. When you hold an object in the game, it just hangs there in mid-air.

Posing Notes: The soldiers in panels 1-3 are live spawns. Note the barrels in the background: I'd planned to have a bunch around in every comic after Frohman mistakenly ordered them watch how quickly I start forgetting to do this.

The poster in panel 6 was a huge, huge, huge pain in the ass. I couldn't get the angle right for a long time, and then the headcrabs weren't reading against the grassy background, so I had to add in some snow on the ground. I kept accidentally moving the tree while trying to move the guy hanging from it, which basically meant starting over again and again, because once moved, it's very hard to get large props back in their original position. The zombies should be reaching for him, but I was too tired to pose them so I just spawned some live ones, which just stand there. Oh, well.

I got a few requests to provide high-res versions of the posters so people can use them as wallpaper on their computers, which I haven't gotten around to, but the citizen's facial expression definitely looks a lot better when the picture is bigger.

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