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[Note: I've gone back and added comments to most of the old comics. I get a fair amount of e-mail from people who haven't played Half-Life 2 but still want to be clued in on the jokes, so I'll try to explain the references, and I also get a lot of mail asking for tips on using Garry's Mod, so I'll include any notes on the posing or staging of the comics that seem worth mentioning.]

Father Grigori is a half-mad monk you meet in the game while battling your way through Ravenholm, a town that once used to be filled with escaped citizens. When you arrive, however, the only living human is Grigori, and everyone else has been killed or turned into hideous zombies.

I'll just mention this up front: every time I have some object hovering in mid-air in front of Frohman, I get mail asking about it. Once again, when you pick up and hold objects in the game, they hover in the air in front of you (this joke began in Comics 007 and 008, and I will not let it die).

Panel 3: When you first see Grigori, he tells you to meet him in a church without actually telling you where it is. Later, he scolds you for going the wrong way. The "public teleportation" line is actually sort of true: Black Mesa East, a hidden lab with a teleporter, is nearby.

Panel 4: The "Robotic Dog" is in reference to a robotic dog (named "Dog") you meet prior to entering Ravenholm.

Panel 6: Grigori has a shotgun. And he laughs. He laughs a lot. A whole lot.

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