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So, a wardrobe change for Frohman, which is exciting when you spend hours staring at him and tugging on his body, as I do. This is the point in the game where the player gets Gordon's Hazardous Environment suit, so it seemed a good time to play dress-up with Frohman.

The citizens in the game come with a few different models: City 17 Activewear (which Gordon has worn up to this point), Refugee clothing (same as the City 17 clothing, only ripped and stained), Rebel Gear (which Frohman has on today), and a Medic outfit.

Most of these different models have slight variations in facial hair, hence Frohman's new goatee.

An e-mail I just got from a reader named Dominic points out:

"I dig Mr. Frohman's new look today. In fact, with the goatee and knit cap, he bears an uncanny resemblance to U2's The Edge."

Wow. He totally does! I think I'm numb.

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