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Ah, Team Fortress. If you've even played just a few rounds of this Half-Life mod, well, you're lying. No one has ever played just a few rounds of Team Fortress. If you played it, you played weeks of it. Months of it. Ah, the memories.

Then came word of the sequel, some screenshots, a handful of drool-inducing gameplay videos, and then approximately 762 years of waiting. And still we wait. Supposedly, it is still coming soon. We still believe. We have to. In the meantime, Battlefield 2 will have to do.

As far as Frohman escaping Counter-Strike, well, when you lead hostages to a rescue zone, they vanish. It makes more sense than the end of "Donnie Darko" does, anyway.

Warez, for the uninformed, is the term for illegally downloaded software. I remember there was an exploit built into Counter-Strike: Source where if you changed your name to "%n" while you were playing, and then typed "kill" in the console, it would cause anyone using a pirated version of the game to disconnect. Word was, about half the players on any given server would vanish when someone used this exploit. Dunno if it still works; never tried it myself..

Finally, there actually is a "slow teleport" in Half-Life 2, so I'm not just pulling it out of my butt or anything. Oh, and de_dust is probably the most popular of the CS maps. There, I've detailed all the references, now feel free to laugh uproariously at the freshly-explained humor.

Posing Notes: To make it look like Frohman was diving through the window, I just positioned him in front of it, set up my remote camera, went inside the building, and chucked a grenade near the window, which blew the glass out while I took pictures. If you look closely you can see the smoke and the explosion of the grenade, so do me a favor and don't look closely.

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