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So, I had an idea.

In the fifth panel, where the officers are shooting, I didn't pose them or use emitters for the muzzle flashes like I usually do. I just turned on their A.I., stood next to the static camera, and let them shoot me for a few minutes. This way, I get their shell casings popping out of their guns, plus the muzzle flashes make a nice little glow on their bodies, which doesn't happen when you use the emitters. It looks nicer and doesn't require me to do a lot of extra posing, which is always a plus, though with AI enabled, it wasn't long before a bunch of other in-game officers showed up and started shooting me as well. Not to mention, it took about 50 tries to get a picture of them both shooting their guns at the exact same time, which made me wish I had a little more control over live characters in the game.

This got me thinking about the possibility of a "co-op" comic. That is, instead of me playing G-Mod in single-player mode, spawning and posing the models I need, I could get onto a server with a bunch of people (namely, some of you readers who might be game), and have you guys wear whatever skins I need, stand in various places, shoot your guns in whatever directions, and basically fill in as actors in the comic while I ran around taking pictures.

Obviously, coordinating all of this would take far longer than simply doing the comics the way I usually do them, but I think it could a lot of fun. Plus, anyone who helped out would have the honor of actually appearing in the finished comic, something they could brag about to their friends, postmen, pharmacists, etc.

So, some time in the future, I'll try to arrange this community comic-making plan. Might not be for a while, but when I have some more ideas and details, I'll mention it here, and then maybe set up some sort of message board (or just hijack a thread on an existing board) to get everything coordinated.

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