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The problem with using a computer game, and a modification of that computer game, to make your comics, is that if the maker of the computer game makes a change to that computer game and it's automatically downloaded to your computer, it could cause problems with the modification to that computer game which in turn will cause problems with the comic you make from the computer game and the modification of that computer game.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, there was a Steam update recently, and some changes were made to prepare for Day of Defeat: Source, which will be released this Monday, and whatever the change was screwed up a bunch of mods, including Garry's Mod. I dunno. I didn't actually experience any problems myself, but apparently if you try using the "Bloom" settings, you get a white diagonal line in the middle of your screen.

Of course, everyone is going ape-poopy over it, as they do any time there's a Steam update, but really, can't we trust Valve by now? Whatever is wrong, they will fix it, and probably very quickly at that.

At least the Bloom problem didn't slow Clover down, as you can see by the latest "Jeff" comic.

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