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Alas, poor Sandy.

I'll miss her a bit. A few nights ago, as I was posing her bloody skull being spit unceremoniously out of the mouth of the barnacle that had devoured her, I felt a little guilty. Originally, I had written only two comics for Sandy; one where she tackles Frohman to save him from a manhack he assumed was taking his picture (he construes this as a pass, of course), and one where she is eaten by a barnacle after taking Frohman's advice to stay put while he gallantly scouted the path ahead. She didn't have a name and she wasn't a commando (she wasn't even the same character model), she was just a refugee who saved the wrong guy.

After adding her to a bunch more comics, it seems a tiny bit rude to kill her off in exactly the same way I had planned when she was just a random extra. Anyway, I liked having her around. She was fun to pose and it was nice for Frohman to have someone to talk to for a while.

One other note: I took about a hundred screenshots before I got that damn barnacle to spit in the right direction.

EDIT: E-mail is back up and working.

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