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First off, a long-overdue thank you to Phil Bettany of for all the work he did designing the supplemental pages of this site, doing the coding, the layout, the graphics, and all of that. Much obliged, man! Cheers. (He's British).

Also, you may notice a new index layout and design that is reminiscent of the loading screen from Half-Life 2: this was created for me by my friend Greg of spinnwebe and Scribs fame. I love it, and sometimes I just sit there hovering the mouse over it and watching the numbers light up, a string of drool hanging from my lower lip.

I'm still tinkering here and there (I need to gussy up the Extras page a bit), but I'm very happy with how the rest of the site looks now, and I owe it to two very generous and talented guys.

For those of you too busy to visit the site three times a week, yet somehow with enough free time to e-mail me to complain about the lack of an RSS feed every damn day, there is now an RSS feed. Please see the little XML button at the bottom of this page. Hope it works; I don't use RSS myself or know much about setting it up, as I can usually summon the energy to type the names of the sites I visit into the browser, or, you know, bookmark them. You kids and your RSS feeds.

Finally: Mossman's got some huge damn hands!

Lookit them mitts!

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