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I don't have any notes, so I think I'll just see if I can influence the Google text ads on this page by what I type here. See if they pick up on my subtle hints and provide appropriate links. Ahem.

Monkeys. Monkeys monkeys monkeys.

Monkey chow! Monkeys love monkey chow, and if there were a chow I'd buy for a monkey, it'd be Monkey Chow Brand Monkey Chow.

Pet monkeys. Monkey supplies. Monkey toys. Monkey clothes. Monkey beds. Monkey hats. All things monkeys love. Things to buy for a pet monkey. Food, or in other words, chow, for a pet Monkey whose name happens to be Chow. Chow the pet monkey.

Monkey chow. Monkey chow. Monkey chow? Monkey chow!

I am interested in buying monkey chow. If only there were a link for monkey chow.

Okay. We'll see what that spits out. Have a great weekend!

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