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Concerned got linked on Metafilter the other day. Pretty damn cool, that, since I've been reading mefi on a daily basis for ages. It would have been nice to have gotten a somewhat more descriptive post instead of just the one-word link, but from the comments it looks like I picked up a few new readers, which is the main thing. At any rate, it was really neat to visit the site that day and see myself up on Big Blue.

When I'm in G-Mod setting up my screenshots, I have to cheat my shots a bit to get the framing right. Sometimes, from any other angle but the intended one, the set-ups look ridiculous, such as the one for the fifth panel. Here's how it looks from the side. (The green thingy is the static camera.) Gordon Frohman IS Peter Pan!

Similar deal for comics 83 and 84. The angle just wasn't right when Frohman was standing on the ground, so I dangled him by his head to get his over-the-shoulder shots. Ah, the magic of Hollywood!

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