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Okay! I'm never posing seagulls again. Ever! You know, the gunship is the size of a city bus and it's a piece of cake to pose, and the seagull, which is the size of a seagull, takes forever. Weird. The gull has a bunch of joints and they're very tiny, hard to find, hard to grab, and hard to hold on to. The birds are also extremely top-heavy, so unless you grab them by the tip of their beak, they tip way over and point straight down and are really difficult to rotate. Yuch! And I thought antlions were bad.

Working with live seagull spawns is no picnic, either, as they're very fragile. Brush them with the phsyics gun beam or an object and they squawk and die immediately. Many, many seagulls were killed in the making of this comic.

Laszlo and his friend (you meet them in the game in this chapter) appeared together in comics 85 and 86. Since then, Laszlo has gained an 's' in his name, apparently. In addition to spelling his name wrong in Ravenholm, it appears I also used the wrong model for him -- when I did the Ravenholm comic, I assumed Laszlo and Sandy (not my Sandy -- the Prima Guide to the game says Laszlo's male friend is named Sandy) were random models and that they changed every time you played, like most of the NPCs. But, after loading this map a few times, it appears that Laszlo is the male Asian model and Sandy is the male model 07 (the one I use for Frohman). Oh well. I would have had to change Sandy's (again, HL2's Sandy, not my Sandy) anyway. Is this confusing enough?

Created with Half-Life 2 by Valve Software, using Garry's Mod.
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