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I really wanted a yellow dropship dropping the kids off, but the dropships are so big and the minimodels so small, they just didn't work together in the same panel. Ah, well.

I also wasn't planning on taking these kinds of liberties with Freeman -- obviously, I shouldn't be dictating that he killed this particular soldier with a chair, because when you played the game, you may not have killed this particular soldier (or any soldier for that matter) with a chair. It was sort of a rule I came up with when I started planning the comic -- not showing Freeman doing anything specific at any particular point in the game. Valve never put words into his mouth, and I was determined never to put specific actions into his... body, I guess, unless it was some part of the game where there was only one real action Freeman could take (like, say, using a rocket-launcher against a gunship or something). Anyway, I made it four whole comics into this chapter before I pooped all over that rule. Again, ah well. I just really wanted to do that shot of his hand and the grav gun.

Sorry for missing this Monday's update, but you'll still get three comics this week, because I'll be updating on Thursday too.

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