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Since my drawn pencils of comics past looked so awful, I decided to download an actual pencil model on the advice of a few readers. The links they sent (a while ago) were no longer active, but I found some here, apparently created by a G-Mod forum member named "thespectator". Nice work, TS!

Also, Barney's Civil Protection mask from Wednesday's comic can be added to your proplist by opening any of the textfiles in your gmod/settings/menuprops folder and adding the following lines:

"!Helmet_Back" "models/BarneyHelmet.mdl"

"!Helmet_FacePlate" "models/BarneyHelmet_faceplate.mdl"

They aren't physical props, actually, but effects, and they work nicely. Found that tidbit, again, somewhere in the G-Mod forums. Those forums are ridiculously helpful. Pretty much any question you've got about G-Mod has already been asked and answered in there.

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