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So, apparently -- apparently -- Team Fortress 2 is going to ship with HL2: Episode 2. Which is crazy. Crazy! Could they really have been working on it all this time? What does it even look like now? Is it still going to be the same sort of game we thought it would be back in 1999? I mean, it was sort of looking like what Battlefield Two turned out to be.

Anyway, it's interesting news. Other announcements were that HL2:Ep2 is going to hit X-Box and PS3 the same time it hits PCs. I'm gonna go out on a pessimistic limb and say we're not gonna see Episode 2 until '07.

When I said I was going to try out World of Warcraft the other night, I got lots of e-mail begging me not to. People were afraid I'd get sucked in and never return to the comic. Well, no worries. I tried WoW out for a few hours. It's cute. Enjoyable I guess. I'll play a little more until the 10-day trial is up, but I don't imagine I'll buy it. I'm old skool, yo. I'm single-playa. I like to aim at my enemies. Hit the pause button when I gots ta pee. Quicksave and quickload. Dats how I roll.

And $15 a month? Y'all are insane in the membrane.

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