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So, some pretty miserable computer problems continue to plague me. It's a little better. It only crashed twice during the making of today's comic, instead of crashing every time I hit the 'take screenshot' button as it had been, so I guess that's an improvement. Still, it's been pretty discouraging. Nothing worse than setting up a shot over the course of a half-hour or longer and then losing everything in a crash, starting over, and having the same thing happen again. Last tuesday night I worked from 7pm until 2am before finally giving up.

Anyway, I hope to be able to at least eke out two more comics this week. Despite my threats, I can't really afford a new rig right now, though I'm keeping my eyes peeled for deals.

Is Freeman a dickweed? It depends how you play, I guess. If a squadmate snuffs it, you grab whatever he drops and don't think twice about it. Still...

One of the first times I played Oblivion, I was fighting alongside some NPC soldier inside the first Oblivion gate. This NPC died during a battle, so I stripped him of his armor and weapons, which were better than my current ones, and left him dead and naked on the blasted planes of the underworld. A little later I died, and hadn't saved my progress. So, when I reloaded, the NPC was there, alive. And, this time, he didn't die in the battle. He was pretty, you know, beat up, though, and since he had died the last time, I sort of thought it was okay to, you know... totally bludgeon him to death and take his cool stuff. Now that's being a dickweed.

Also, some hot new shit from yonder Valve last week. A teaser for Portal, a teaser for TF2, and a slightly revised trailer for Episode 2. I'm having a hard time figuring out which game I'm most excited about, but I think it might be TF2. Or Portal. Or maybe Episode 2. It's gonna be an exciting holiday season, though.

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