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Caught a little hell on the forums, it seems, over Friday's comic. See, there was this add-on for the Playstation version of Half-Life that demonstrated how the sample got to the test chamber -- a female scientist named Gina delivered it (the same woman whose hologram is in the tutorial). The game was called Half-Life: Decay. So, if Gina delivered the sample, then Frohman couldn't have, and therefore my comic strip, which recently featured Frohman attempting to watch a scientist urinate, loses all integrity.

So, I offer the following excuses for the Frohman And Gina Sample Paradox, or FAGSP (prounoucned Fags-Puh. Emphasis on the PUH.).

1) I never play first-person shooters on a console -- can't aim proper with my thumbs. Never played Decay, therefore it does not exist. Gaming is relative to the gamer.

2) Okay, it exists, but I forgot about it entirely.

3) Frohman is clearly living in the PC version of Half-Life 2 and not the console version. We know this due to comics dealing with HDR, Steam, and using the 'E' key to pick things up. Thusly, Decay, which was never released for the PC, is not a part of his past or plane of existence. Gina could not have delivered the sample in Frohman's PC dimension, thus Frohman is free to deliver it without creating the FAGSP. In the console dimension, she can deliver whatever the hell she wants.

How's that? Not bad, eh?

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