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So, I switch to two days a week and wind up doing three comics worth of work anyway. Poor planning -- or was it a guily conscience? No, it was poor planning.

Anyway. Bye, Norman! I would have liked to have fleshed Norman out a bit more, because I liked him, or at least I liked having a Gordon Frohman model that didn't act like Gordon Frohman all the time. It's sort of a nice change to make that same face, normally grinning, all serious and scowly.

Striders. Not much fun to pose. Legs that go all the way up and get incredibly unhappy when you move them, even if its just inches away from where they were resting comfortably. Pain in the arse from start to finish. Give it a try sometime!

By the way, Striders do impale rebels who wander too close, and while they don't scrape them off on rooftops, I have seen them shake their legs until the corpse flips off. Nice gruesome touch.

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