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Hey, thought I'd go out the way I came in -- ragging on Valve for constantly missing their deadlines. It's the mother of all callbacks and I'm sure no one is suprised.

Remember, it's not over until it's over. And it's over. For real!

Sort of. I have something I'm planning to put up next week, probably Monday, just sort of a credits/thank-you page thing. So, come back next week and have a look for that. I'm also going to be firing up the Extras page again starting next week, since I've been neglecting it so much. There won't be anything really major, but some odds and ends are sure to show up.

Whew. That was, like, a year and a half of my life doing that comic! That's pretty crazy if you think about it. Anyway, it's definitely very strange that I'm done. There were times it felt like I'd never finish and times it seemed like I was whizzing toward the end at light-speed.

At any rate, thanks to everyone out there who took the time to read the comic, everyone who sent e-mail, donations -- pretty much thanks to everyone who took a couple minutes out of their day a couple times a week to have a look at my little HL2 comic. I really appreciate the support.

I think I'll have some more to say once it sinks in that the comic is done -- plus, it's late and I'm pretty bushed. Check back Monday!

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