"Your Vision is Our Vision.  ColecoVision."

Gamers, rejoice.  ColecoVision is bringing the arcade experience home!  No more spending hours on your feet in arcades, pumping hundreds of quarters into big, bulky machines.  No more feelings of dismay as some jerk named DIK or PEE replaces your hard-earned high-score name of ASS.  No more trying to cram wrinkled dollars into change machines or chasing down the guy with the pouch of quarters.  No more interaction with strangers or even your friends!  No more leaving your home at all.

ColecoVision is bringing the arcade home to you.  Pull up a beanbag chair.  Get ready to play.


The System

Two arcade action control pads, with Super Action Mushroom Joysticks!!  A fire button AND a jump button!  That's two buttons, folks!  Unheard of!  A super input pad that looks just like a phone!  It even has the "*" and "#" buttons!  (Is this the future calling?)  And, the newly designed transformer that weighs only thirty pounds!  The ColecoVision console heats that transformer up to 115 degrees while you play... just think of all that processing power!  Yes, this is state of the art gaming technology and it's headed your way!  Are you up for the challenge?

The Games

The ads boast "...arcade graphics, like Donkey Kong, with multiple screens, just like in the arcade!  And Venture, with FIFTEEN screens!"  Are you finding this hard to believe?  Well, so are we.  So over the next several weeks, we're going to be playing and reviewing lots of ColecoVision games, and we'll see just how they stack up to all the hype.  

The games reviewed thus far:

Smurf Rescue

Space Panic

Space Fury


Donkey Kong

Gateway to Apshai