If it's related to the temping world, I can judge it.  Here's where you can find reviews of temp-related books, movies, and more!  And by more I mean nothing else.  Someday, when I get organized, I'll create a feedback form and you eager temps out there will be able to review your temp agencies for me, saving me a lot of work while at the same time creating a temp agency database that will give other temps valuable information and bore the shit out of everyone else.

Movie Review:  The Temp, the 1993 "suspense" film starring Timothy Hutton and his huge hair.

Movie Review: Clockwatchers, a slow, ponderous movie that is even less interesting than actually going to work.

Movie Review:  The Replacements:  Temporary football players?  Why not?

Movie Review:  Mission: Impossible-2:  Tom Cruise as a temp!  Do you buy that?

Book Review:  Who Moved My Cheese?  After reading Spencer Johnson's book about dealing with change, I needed a book to help me deal with rage.  Simply the most infuriating rip-off since I discovered that Grover himself was The Monster at the End of this Book.

Book review:  Temp-Tation: An Introduction to Busyness Management:  A temping guide written by a rather fussy woman.

Website Review:  Office Playground:  The review of a website that sells office toys and desk accessories.


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