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Dr. Breen can be seen and heard on a number of screens and television sets around around the city, spewing his propaganda. His actual speech on the screen in the train-station ends with "Welcome. Welcome to City 17. It's safer here."

Posing notes: When a character in the game appears on a video screen, it is done live. When Breen is talking on screen, a Breen model is hidden somewhere in the level, speaking into a camera. For these shots, I positioned the static camera to point at the screen, then 'noclipped' (a console command that allows you to fly through walls) to the small room way off the map where Breen was broadcasting from. I removed the living, talking Breen and posed a ragdoll Breen in its place, and gave it the expressions I needed, then snapped my screenshots through the static camera back in the train station.

Frohman and the other four watching the screen are posed ragdolls, the two citizens in the background are live spawns.

Created with Half-Life 2 by Valve Software, using Garry's Mod.
Assembled with Photoshop 6.0. Most fonts by Blambot
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