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Panel 2: This woman says something similar to you when you play the game.

Panel 3: This citizen actually says "Don't drink the water. They put something in it that makes you forget." Frohman's line is a reference to this warning.

Panel 6: In the game, the beaches aren't crawling with tourists, but with Antlions, insect-like aliens.

Posing notes: The woman missing her husband, the water guy, and the citizen in panel 6 are all in-game characters; I just stuck the Frohman ragdoll in next to them. To get them to look at Frohman, I'd position myself near the Frohman ragdoll I'd posed, look at the citizen, and then tap the 'E' key, which prompts the living citizens to look at and speak to me. Then I'd snap the picture through the static camera, so it appears they are looking at Frohman (again, I'm in the shot, but invisible). The crowd of citizens are all live spawns.

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