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Posing Notes: The guy sitting on the bench is a live character from the game. Getting the crowd to turn around was accomplished by simply triggering the camera (which has the same effect as firing a gun in terms of how they react -- by turning to look). I didn't pose Breen on the screen, it was just lucky to get him between sentences so it appears as if he is looking over as well.

In Panel 3, I screwed up. One of the models in the crowd was the model I use for Frohman (Model Male 7). I didn't notice this until I'd assembled the comic. I had to replace his face in Photoshop, and did a pretty poor job of it (third from the left in the finished comic). Also, the two right-most citizens were the same model, which is kind of lame.

Created with Half-Life 2 by Valve Software, using Garry's Mod.
Assembled with Photoshop 6.0. Most fonts by Blambot
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