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Most of the Vortigaunt's lines are directly from the game, except for his last line, which is based on some lines my friend Greg came up with but which I sadly neglected to write down. Shame, because his line ("As the vastness and emptiness of space is infinite, so is the Frohman in thought and worthiness") was much better than what I have, I just couldn't remember it while I was making the comic.

Not sure if it's really visible, but some wounds appear on Frohman and Sandy's legs between the first panel and the second one. I was trying to get some glow from the muzzle flashes, and since the emitter doesn't create any, I thought maybe I could fake it by spawning a live turret (a robotic tripod that shoots at you in the game). I figured it could stand off camera, shooting at me and creating a nice glow over the ragdolls, but it immediately fell over and spazzed out (as turrets tend to do), shooting the Frohman, Sandy, and Vort ragdolls. That's why the Vort's butt is cropped out of the rest of the comic: he's got a huge wound on it, and I didn't feel like reposing him or the others.

Created with Half-Life 2 by Valve Software, using Garry's Mod.
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