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Hey, G-Man appears in the comic for the second time! Or is it... THE THIRD?

That's a hint.

Anyway. Posing this one was fun, mostly playing around with the barnacle in Panel 3. I posed Frohman, then locked him using the "statue" tool, which lets you retain the pose while moving the entire ragdoll around. Then I just fed his petrified body to the barnacle. Didn't really work properly the first time, as he sort of twisted to the side, and I discovered that barnacles won't try to eat the same object twice, I imagine so they don't get stuck in a loop of eating and spitting out the same thing. So, I had to duplicate the petrified Frohman and try again. Not quite. Duplicated him and tried again, and got a nice butt shot. The next one was sort of cool. And so on.

Finally, I had to just paste him where I wanted him to hang to and let the barnacle try to eat his motionless body, and that worked just fine.

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