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People write to me sometimes, asking for pointers on making comics. I'm never really sure how to answer, me being new at this whole comics thing and them being sort of vague about what sort of pointers they're after.

After the time spent making today's comic, I can offer the following pointers, however:

If you're going to do a G-Mod comic, particularly a comic that uses locations from three different maps, be really, really careful when you're snapping screenshots for it. If, for example, you forget to take a picture of a guy fiddling with the knobs of the radio and instead just have him standing in front of it, apparently moving the knobs with his MIND, you'll need to take the time to go back into the game and repose him. Not a huge deal to go back in and move his arm, unless, you know, you neglected to save the game, in which case you'll have to start from scratch.

If you, just hypothetically now, don't want the bright green static camera directly in the middle of the shot in the first panel (which you stupidly left there while shooting the fourth panel), you may want to remove it before you take your pictures. Again, save your game. Especially since you didn't save it the first time.

Finally, think about your last panel before you rush in and pose a couple metrocops for it. Maybe you want Dr. Breen in there with a Combine Elite instead. Maybe if you'd thought of that first, you wouldn't have to go back into the game for the 700th time that evening.

And even if you decide to stick with the metrocops because you're too damn tired to bother with doing it over, make sure they're actually on the correct side of the console for the dialogue to work properly. Unlike the dope who staged this shot.

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