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Quick thank you to reader Jacen, who noticed I hadn't had full water reflections turned on when I started this chapter. They're turned on now so everything reflects in the water instead of just map elements.

Took a few tries getting that second dropship in next to the one that actually appears in the game. They're spawnable off the G-Mod menu, but they don't spawn with their troop containers. I tried posing a dropship ragdoll holding an upside-down Combine APC (to double as the troop container), but it wound up looking pretty spastic. Finally, I just photoshopped it in.

I really dig what they did with the dropships, gunships, and striders in the game. There's something very biological about them. They twist, turn, and move like living animals (hell, the gunship even has flippers), the sounds they make are reminiscent of animal calls, but they've also got jets, propellors, guns, and armor built into or onto them.

In this way, they're actually storytelling devices as well as enemies, because just by looking at them, you get some impression of what the Combine have done prior to invading Earth. They're probably mounting plasma guns onto elephants as we speak.

Got some more fan art to post today on the Extras page -- should be up shortly.

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