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In the notes for comic #77, I listed nine reasons why the gravity gun was the best weapon/tool ever in a first-person shooter. Some readers sent in their tenth reasons, which included using it to fling objects (with the primary fire) at civilians (thus killing them), an elaborate method of using it to lift an object under the object you're standing on, thus allowing you to float (haven't tried it myself), and, of course, the very special use the gravity gun has near the end of the game, which is probably the best part of the game, so I don't really want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't played. (Everything else, I've spoiled and will continue to spoil.)

One reader, MarkB, pointed out you can use the gravity gun to deal with Manhacks, which I had forgotten about, and which will now officially become my tenth reason. This is because I actually played through the entire game the first time without realizing you could use the gravity gun on the manhacks (which one of my Top Five Stupidest Half-Life 2 In-Game Moments, a list for another time)

A reader named Kyle also sent the link to the actual Top Ten article I referred to, which is here. Looks like they actually picked the Halo pistol as number one.

I also had Frohman so obsessed with the grav gun that he insisted on being called "The Claw". In a somewhat eerie coincidence, a reader named Keab42 (I guess) sent in this link, which shows a sci-fi expert on British television, who not only calls himself "The Claw", but looks a hell of a lot like Frohman. Weird! Spooky!

Finally, there's a couple new bits of fan art over on the Extras page. Enjoy!

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