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So, you may notice the presence of Google text ads just below these here notes. Thought I might give it a try, see how it goes.

You may, of course, register your dislike of ads on this site by e-mailing me, though keep in mind I'm fairly certain that a percentage of you, probably in the vicinity of 100%, are not fans of internet ads, and were not previously visiting the site and thinking, "You know, I like Concerned, but it could really use more advertisements."

Then again, maybe some of you were. Just in case, as part of the new money-making scheme here at Concerned Corp., I've prepared a second, more ad-heavy version of today's comic. Take a look and tell me, honestly, can you spot the product placement? Does it detract from the story? I thought not.

In all seriousness, I hope the ads don't bug anyone too much. I'm just trying to offset the cost of hosting Concerned Incorporated Comic Ventures, Co. and maybe buy myself a couple helicopters. And if you'd like to help throw thousands upon thousand of dollars my way, you can always take the time to click one of the ads. No pressure, though! At the very least, it's sort of interesting to see Google try to guess what might be appealing to you based on the text of the page.

Also, I'm taking Friday off, so the next comic will be up Monday. Now that Concerned Global Incorporated Webcomic iVentures Unlimited, LLC is an actual business, I have to give everyone the Thanksgiving holiday off. Damn union rules.

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