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EDIT: Phil Bettany from just sent me a great animated version of the fifth panel. The joke definitely works a lot better his way. Thanks, Phil!

Little N64 Legend of Zelda humor for ya. I do, in fact, hate side quests, which are really more like chores than anything else. Every flippin' town you go in games like that, it's the same thing.

"I've lost my puppy! Can you find him?"

"I need a special metal to make a magic sheild! Why don't you go run all over the place for hours and find it for me?"

"Gather twenty eggs from nests scattered all over the damn place, and I'll give you a big egg that will hatch into something some other loser is demanding you get for him in exchange for something else!"

"Ohh, ohh, herd my cattle into the pen and I'll give you the Ecto-Polar Fusion-Propulsion DynamoPower Cell you need to fix your disabled Rocket Pack! I'm a poor rustic farmer incapable of tending to my six cows, but somehow I have an scientific object of inestimable worth that you, owning a giant laser cannon, can't simply take from me until you do some menial labor!"

And so on.

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