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First off, just wanted to say thanks to everyone who wrote to me with feedback on the Google ads I'm running as of this past Wednesday. Nearly everyone was incredibly understanding and supportive about them, so thank you. You guys are the best! There were a few negative e-mails; like I said, I don't think anyone was sitting at home fervently wishing I'd run ads, but even among the few (mild) complaints I got, no one seemed completely outraged, which is great. You guys are also the best! Though slightly less best than the other people. But only slightly! Seriously, thanks to everyone who wrote in and thanks for all the support. Again, I'm not sure if I'll keep the ads or what, I'm sort of just trying them on for size and seeing how it goes.

I also redid the Extras page using WordPress, which is free blogging software. So far, it seems pretty neat. It makes the page a lot easier to update, which hopefully means I'll be updating it more often. I'm going to (try to) have something new up there at least on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so there'll be something new to look at every weekday on this site. I'm still futzing with the page a bit, but this is my first time using WordPress, so it may take me a while to get everything into shape. One nice feature is that it allows me to categorize the entries, so even though the newest entry is always at the top of the page, if you wanted to see all the Fan Art or the Mod news or whatever, you can click it on the sidebar and see whatever is in that category. (Though you have to click the individual entry title to get any links inside the entry to work, for some reason -- I'm working on fixing that.) I added all the old stuff and categorized it in the meantime, and have a little something ready to go for Tuesday. So, check back!

Finally, as far as today's comic goes, I really hate posing stupid jerky annoying Strider ragdolls. They're very touchy and twitchy and if you mess up or pull on them wrong, their forty-foot long legs tend to spaz out and kick things over and smash other things. The little town square was pretty much blitzed by the time I got that sucker into place. Plus, the first time I spawned it, it fell right on top me, killing me (note to self: always enable God mode before you pose stuff).

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