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Little tip if you're posing zombies:

Headcrab zombie ragdolls come in two parts: The headcrab and the zombie. So, if you want to pose one, you've gotta spawn the two ragolls, stand up the zombie, position the headcrab on his head, pose the headcrab legs so it looks like he's attached, and take your picture. If you want to move your zombie, you'll have to unlock all the posed parts and reposition everything again. Which is, as they say, a pain.

So, what works pretty well is to instead spawn a live headcrab zombie and kill it with the crowbar. It'll die after a couple hits and the headcrab will remain attached to the zombie's head (which is why you have to use the crowbar -- if you shoot it to death, the headcrab will generally fall off). Now, you can pose the dead zombie however you like and the headcrab will cling to it quite nicely, without any need for posing the little four-legged bugger, or detaching/reattaching it. I hope that made sense. I think that made sense.

Just a note: there may be some downtime ahead. I'm getting repeated warnings from my web host about how I'm exceeding my allocated disk usage (or something), even though I'm not exceeding my bandwidth by much. My site's already been moved to a different server, so I may be locked out temporarily while they "evaluate" it. If for any reason there aren't new comics up later in the week, or no new extras, or it seems like I've stopped updating, this is why. I'm not sure how to fix what needs fixing, so I may have to upgrade my service. Not a big deal; I know the site is getting a lot more visitors these days, but I just wanted to let you know I haven't gone AWOL if you notice there's no new content appearing during the next week or so.

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