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If you don't notice anything different about this comic page, don't worry. It is vastly different, but it's all behind-the-scenes type stuff.

I mentioned on Monday that I was getting repeated warnings about the disk usage my site was, uh, usaging. The php scripts that run the page, archiving, and navigation were overburdening the server my site shares, and I was looking at the unfortunate and expensive option of having to get a dedicated server.

Thankfully, my friend Greg, of, scribs, and, the same Greg who built my cool, flashy archive page, worked his magic, stripped down, rebuilt, and streamlined the php scripts. I should mention there was nothing really wrong with the scripts I was using, it's just that they were doing a lot of stuff I don't really need them to do. The new scripts Greg devised manage to do what the site needs at about 3% of the processing power that the original scripts required. I'm very happy about this, and the work Greg did is, pardon my French, tres magnifique.

I really have no idea how any of this stuff works, or even if my above explanation of the changes is correct. All I know is, the site is running far more efficiently and my web host should be very happy with the results, and I won't have to upgrade my service. So, hooray, and thanks again, Greg!

As far as notes on today's comic go, all I really have to say is that I really enjoy posing Zombie Frohman. With his long arms and huge hands, I think he's a lot more expressive than the regular Frohman, even though his face is buried inside a pulsing headcrab. Which is another bonus: I don't have to mess with the face poser.

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